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Hack The Box Sales Kick Off 2023: a celebration of collaboration and success

A recap of our Sales Kick Off event in 2023 dedicated to celebrating teamwork and recognizing our exceptional teams.

May 10

Hack The Box’s Sales Kick Off (SKO) 2023 event was an extraordinary gathering of the company's brightest minds and most dedicated sales professionals. HTBers from different teams such as marketing, product, content, and operations met in person to align on the company’s goals and ultimately, better serve the needs of our users. 

This year's event, held at the stunning Grand Hyatt Regency, was packed with insightful presentations, interactive breakout group discussions, and well-deserved awards to celebrate the achievements of our talented team.

Senior leadership sets a strong strategic foundation 

The event started with a warm welcome from our CRO, Bryan Hauptman, and our CEO and Founder, Haris Pylarinos, who both outlined the company's strategic vision for the upcoming year. 

The keynote speaker, Anthony Johnson, a renowned cybersecurity expert, followed with an engaging presentation on emerging CISO trends, offering valuable insights and actionable takeaways.


As Hack The Box continues to expand around the globe, meeting new and existing colleagues in person to collaborate is key. The HTB SKO provided the perfect environment for a globally distributed sales team to get together and build on the remotely created relationships that are vital in driving a motivated team. 


Sam Nye, Enterprise Account Executive, UKI & Nordics Lead, at Hack The Box. 

Growing and learning together with group discussions

htb sko meetup

Attendees had ample time during the SKO to participate in breakout group discussions, diving deeper into the sales strategies and techniques that were presented earlier. 

The event offered a great opportunity for the team to come together and meet each other in person. We all shared a sense of purpose and enthusiasm plus we learned a lot from each other. 


Vasiliki Lamprou Commercial AE, Europe, Hack The Box. 

These collaborative sessions allowed team members to exchange ideas, share their experiences and lessons learned, and brainstorm innovative approaches to overcome challenges in their respective markets. 

The lively discussions sparked new ideas and fostered strong connections, with participants working together to develop creative solutions and best practices for future sales success.

Being able to talk and strategize face to face was a refreshing change of pace from our usual virtual meetings. Participating in activities such as role-playing and group discussions on understanding our customers' needs were particularly helpful. Overall, SKO 2023 was a great opportunity to strengthen our team bond and gain valuable insights into the future of Hack The Box


Chandler Anderson, Commercial Account Executive at Hack The Box.

Celebrating our outstanding team 

The event culminated in an awards ceremony to recognize and honor the outstanding achievements of our sales team. Top performers were celebrated for their exceptional results, with accolades for categories such as: 

The event concluded with a heartfelt speech from our CRO, who emphasized the importance of continued growth, learning, and collaboration, leaving attendees inspired and motivated for the challenges ahead.

SKO testimonial

Sales Kick Off is more than just a meeting. It is the opportunity to share the company vision, build excitement, and create a sense of camaraderie among the sales team and contributing departments.


Bryan Hauptman, Chief Revenue Officer at Hack The Box.

The Sales Kick Off 2023 event provided a perfect blend of education, collaboration, and recognition for our dedicated sales team. As we continue on in 2023 the event has equipped our team with even more knowledge, skills, and motivation to achieve even greater success in the months to come. 

Here's to a prosperous year ahead, powered by teamwork, innovation, and dedication!

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Author bio: Leon Hassid, Head of Sales Enablement, Hack The Box

Leon has built and led commercial (sales, product marketing, and business development) teams and programs for both established and high-growth B2B services and product organizations. 

Over the last 20 years, he’s held a variety of leadership roles, including leading sales enablement and training at SaaS cybersecurity companies (Hack The Box, SecurityScorecard), running marketing strategy and sales operations at a high-growth cybersecurity firm (Stroz Friedberg/Aon), optimizing the product marketing and sales function at the SaaS business unit of KPMG, driving sales enablement initiatives at Gartner, and leading the development and worldwide adoption of sales and account management strategies at Deloitte. 

Feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn.

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