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What Are
Pro Labs

Interactive, hands-on, complex scenarios that give players the chance to penetrate enterprise infrastructure and hone their offensive engagement skills. Pick any of our Pro Labs, own it, and get your certificate of completion.

Realistic Scenarios

Created by seasoned industry practitioners with many years of experience attacking and defending enterprise networks. The skills learned here are directly applicable to real-life engagements.


Multiple Machines

Breach the perimeter, gain a foothold in the enterprise, and pivot through multiple machines and networks to achieve the mission objectives. Prepare for a masterclass in pivoting and lateral movement.


Simulated Users

Even if the network is secure, the human firewall is still the weakest link. Leveraging interactive users will help you move laterally and vertically, and get domain admin.

Advanced Infrastructure

Advanced enterprise infrastructure that cannot be replicated on a single machine. Hone your offensive tradecraft and gain experience with the latest TTPs.


Certificate of Completion

Aside from the advanced practical skills that you will obtain and will set
you apart in your cybersecurity career path, there is also a certificate of
completion waiting for you at the end of each Pro Lab.


Along with your certificate, successful Pro Lab
completion grants you with 40 CPE credits.


What Our
Players Say

Pro Labs FAQ

Individual players do not have access to the write-ups of any Pro Lab in order to maintain the integrity and competitive nature of solving a Pro Lab individually, and of the certificates of completion provided by Hack The Box for each Pro Lab. In the case of Professional Labs for Business, we offer full write-ups to the lab administrators.
Pro Labs are premium and highly sophisticated labs, designed to simulate realistic enterprise environments, hence it is required a separate subscription: with our new Pro Labs subscription plan, subscribed members can access all scenarios for a flat monthly (or annual) fee. Users will be able to switch between Pro Labs seamlessly and at any point of completion.
After your purchase, you can navigate directly to the Hack The Box “Access” page and you’ll be able to see a new entry in the available VPN servers for the Pro Lab you’ve just purchased. From here, you can select your preferred region (EU or US) and download the Connection Pack, which consists of a pre-configured .ovpn file for you to use with OpenVPN on any Linux or Windows machine. For more visit: How to play Pro Labs
No, it does not! Your certificate, as long as you have generated it from your user settings page upon lab completion, will never expire. However, if you fail to generate the certificate before a Pro Lab update or change occurs, the certificate will no longer be available until you complete the additional tasks added to the Pro Lab in the meantime.
Your progress is not removed or deleted, however you lose access to the lab. In order to complete the lab and earn your certificate, you have to renew your subscription and continue to hack.

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